So, after much discussion with friends, students, my husband David and random strangers (okay, not really) I have decided to start  blogging. I promise to keep it interesting, and I’ll probably write about all kinds of things, from the mundane to the extraordinary things that seem to happen now and again.  So here we go…

I only need to look at the dog to know it’s spring. Okay, lots of other things tell me it’s spring. The peach tree is in bloom, the apricot tree has leaves, the coral tree is blooming and the days are longer. Which throws our dinner time off something fierce, but I digress.  All I have to do is look at my dog Teddy. He has a perma-smile, and all he wants to do is hang outside.  He has also begun to crush the african daisies on his favorite spot that looks out on to the backyard.  He can also stand guard to protect our old girl cat, who likes a spot just adjacent.

Spring is time to start anew, to evaluate and grow new leaves.  So that’s my plan. Starting with this blog. Hope you’ll stop by for a read now and again.