Nothing makes me more anxious than packing up my artwork.  Ok, almost nothing.  The “what-if’s…” take over and then I am stuck.  What if they get damaged? What if the gallery isn’t in love like they thought? What if the boxes get lost?  But it has to be done, and David is busy so it’s up to me to do it.  I need to conquer this aversion and having my fabulous and industrious husband pack my art all the time isn’t going to get me there. You know what they say, what you resist persists.

The 65x28x9 inch box just wasn’t going to make itself, so I set out yesterday late afternoon to do it.  Top Chef Masters was in rerun, so I treated myself to that in the background as I got settled in.  At least hearing about poached this and carpaccio that would help make it seem more fun. I got the bottom part of the box made, so proud of myself and I felt triumphant that it was square and the sides were the right size. I finally learned that you have to give an extra 1/4″ to account for the little bit lost to make the corners. I got the foam in, it fit, YAY!! Nestled the smaller 12×36 in there, got it all set, laid down bubble wrap, more cardboard to separate the two paintings and started on the top for the box. The cardboard bit back on that one – paper cuts are child’s play compared to cardboard cuts – but I got it done.

Then I forgot the 24×60 needed hanging blocks on the back before I could pack it.   This is where it got tricky and my spacial stupidity comes in. It was awkward to put the right one on, so I used my left hand to drill the screws in even though I am a righty. Just as I was feeling really badass and was jumping ahead to calling David to tell him so, the drill slipped and pummeled down on my thumb causing  big blood blister. Fun. Instant Karma jackass. But after 5 tries (no joke), one broken screw, and three do overs I got the blocks on with the hangers attached.

By 8:00 pm I had the paintings all packed up and in the box. One step closer to feeling better about packing art. No, not really but I’ve got to get past this anxiety. I know I am not the only one that has it but life would be easier without it.

So if you see me soon, you’ll notice that I’ve got two big bruises on my left knee, slight carpet burn on both knees, a 1/2″ long cut on one finger, and a blood blister on another.  That’s right folks, I’ve been packing paintings and I have the injuries to prove it.