If you read my blog post yesterday, you’re aware of my current studio conundrum.  If not, you can read it or take my word for it,  I’d rather be printing than painting. For a variety of reasons, however, I feel I need to get back to painting. I have tried to understand exactly why I feel this push, but I don’t know why exactly and so I’m going to use my brain power for better purposes.

Luckily, my gut just gave me permission to ignore my head. I am in love with the new monotypes and excited about where they may go. Believe me, I feel more like a passenger of sorts when I print this new series. I have an educated inkling of how the colors are going to mix and what exact hue will appear from the marriage of the layers. Not knowing exactly feels like I’ve been let out of solitary confinement all of a sudden.  Free to play and layer ink sounds like a fabulous idea to me right now. I know I’ll get back to painting, maybe sooner rather than later, but for now I’m having fun and since it’s not illegal yet, I’m going to keep on printing.