I’m not someone who puts a lot of stock into analyzing dreams. Unless they are particularly crisp, I don’t think much about them the next morning. I know, I might be missing all of the answers psychotherapy never provided but I guess I’m okay with that. I used to dream about painting and paintings, but now I do that in my waking hours so those dreams don’t happen very often anymore, so my dreams just seem like snipets of pictures with vague details..

Having said that, the last week has been a particularly dream interesting week. The most fascinating one involved me being given a Ferrari. Little secret about me: I am car enthusiast. Not in a “Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny” kind of way, but I like cars. I also really like to drive and have been known to exceed the speed limit on occasion. I blame genetics for that one. Anyway, imagine my delight. Couldn’t wait to get in and take off, until I noticed the bald tires. Another secret about me, I am neurotic about tires. Genetics again – truck driver grandfather and safety conscious father made me that way and my husband backs it up by constantly checking not only my tires but those of my friends and pretty much anyone who parks in our driveway.

Instantly in my dream I think, what the hell good is this going to do me, a Ferrari with bald tires??  And it occurred to me when I woke up that if ever there was a dream that held more meaning than the obvious, this is it. I’m not really sure what the bald tires signify specifically, but there are some obvious points to me in the dream.  What good is an amazing piece of Italian machinery if you can’t really use it to it’s full possibilities? I feel like there are areas of my life that aren’t firing on all cylinders right now, so my personal piece of machinery, whether it’s my body, my mind or my spirit, aren’t quite at optimum.

This is what I believe life balance is all about – how we all do our best and on any given day something gets out of whack. I do my best to keep it all on track but sometimes one area gets so out of whack all I can think is: FUBAR. Look it up. But back to the dream, it’s a clever and creative way for my mind to remind me to check my tires. This Ferrari requires some tread so I think it’s time for some new tires.