I am a painter and printmaker.  My life is all about art: making it, sharing it, showing it, understanding why I make it, helping others learn how to make it, and coming to peace with the creative condition.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. WordPress introduced us. Perhaps because I was writing about moving paintings in and out of my studio to have room to paint. Pleased to meet you. I will look for you on twitter: I have started a list “wordpress-intoductions”

    Hope your show went well.

    1. Amber George Says:

      Hi Jonathan. Thanks for the introduction to your work. I am astounded by the work about your wife, an amazing tribute to you both. I’m not on Twitter but I’m on FB. Show went well, back in the studio and hoping for a productive fall. Be in touch.

      1. I am astounded that so much time has passed. I appreciate your response and am about to delve into some of your latest posts.

  2. Iris Duarte Says:

    I want to thank you for sharing such personal and sensitive information about your life with us.
    I appreciate what you are going through. I feel for your loss of your dear mentor and friend and your grandfathers. People who meant so much and will continue to be in your heart forever.
    May you be blessed with continuing to make beautiful art, sharing with others in that wonderful way that you do, make us laugh and cry with all your comments and hilarity, and your incrediable intelligence and support of others in the endeavor to pursue education and art.

    1. Amber George Says:

      Thanks Iris – you are a dear friend and encourager! I’ll keep those crazy posts coming!

  3. Originally, I found your blog because my name is also Amber George, haha. I just wanted to say that it was an incredibly pleasant surprise and that your art is beautiful! (I have also found your personal website and was equally inspired). I would like to know more about “coming to peace with the creative condition”, if you wouldn’t mind an e-mail correspondence?

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